About Us

Our Brand

Butler Stewart is an exclusive British brand selling luxury lifestyle and shooting clothing. We are passionate about refined British style and focus on high quality tweed, exquisite tailoring and intricate detail to create fresh, stunning and effortlessly stylish collections.


Our Background

Anna’s passion for designing and for the countryside stems from her childhood on the family farm, participating in country sports and working in the tailoring and shooting industry for a number of years. Her love of the countryside, country life, and country pursuits have influenced her designs from start to finish from seasonal colour palettes to the understanding of timeless and practical clothing whether worn out in the field, on the weekend or in the office.


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Our Collections

Our ready to wear collections are made up of stunning fabrics, vibrant signature trimmings and exceptional attention to detail – selected and designed by Anna and always in limited edition. All fabric is made in the Britain and our tailors are based in England and Europe. Our shooting collections, jeans, tweed caps and many of our accessories are made in England.


We hope you enjoy browsing your way through our collections from the comfort of your home or office. Please contact us if you require any help. You can also find us at various shows and fairs across the country, please see our Events page for more information